Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wow... Good times

So ya I have been extremely busy with football and work. So sinces it's been awhile I'll fill you in on everything. So I quite my job at the Utah State Hospital, and now I work for Good Earth Health Foods as the freight manager at the American Fork store, as well as the Warehouse Manager for the company. It has been really nice working there cause any time that I have anything to do with football I get to leave. Speaking of football... My team is 6 weeks into the season and we are still undefeated. We beat Spanish Fork 34-14, Lehi 44-6, Timpanogoes 60-0, Provo 44-6, Lone Peak 8-0, and Pleasant Grove 8-6. I'm proud of my boys. Well.... what else. Oh i finally bought a 9mm about 2 weeks ago. It's been fun going out shooting with it. Over all things are going very well in my life. Hopefully I'll be better at writing here.