Monday, December 1, 2008

Fishing fishing and football...

Well what have I been up to since football has been over...? Well I found a way to make football a part of my life again, playing in a full contact flag football league in Spanish Fork. It has been a fun time. Today I scored 2 touchdowns a couple extra points and even got a safety. Its always fun cause every one always thinks that the fat guy can't do anything and then I score a couple touchdowns before they know what hit them. Ha ha ha Well other than football I have been doing a lot of fishing. Went down to Otter Creek a couple weeks ago and caught alot of fish. Then last week we went to Strawberry. Actually I have been to Strawberry a couple times in the last month, and if I get off my but I'll upload some pictures soon. Ya got to love life right now. I really can't complain. What can I say I'm livin the high life :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well after a ling season, we won the league championship. We were a perfect 10-0 on the year. The championship game was crazy. We were down most of the game and with about a minute left in the game we scored, we went for two and the win and made it. It was a great game to top off a great season. Now i'm still trying to figure out what to do with my time.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Coming to an end...

Well football season is almost over. My team beat PG in the semi finals last saturday, so now we will play Lone peak for the championship this saturday. It was a very fun game to coach this week. My boys (my linemen) really stepped up to the plate and dominated the game. Other than one of the coaches almost having a heart attack during pregame, later went to the ER and was cleared, you couldn't really ask for a better game. I'm really excited for the championship game to come but at the same time its sad cause it will be the end of 6 months of hard work. Not sure what I'm going to do with all the spare time that I'm going to have. An extra 3 hours a day... I'll probably spend it at the gym or fishing. :) Nothing else that exciting happening right now. Guess I might have more of a social life now. So maybe I will have more to say soon.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wow... Good times

So ya I have been extremely busy with football and work. So sinces it's been awhile I'll fill you in on everything. So I quite my job at the Utah State Hospital, and now I work for Good Earth Health Foods as the freight manager at the American Fork store, as well as the Warehouse Manager for the company. It has been really nice working there cause any time that I have anything to do with football I get to leave. Speaking of football... My team is 6 weeks into the season and we are still undefeated. We beat Spanish Fork 34-14, Lehi 44-6, Timpanogoes 60-0, Provo 44-6, Lone Peak 8-0, and Pleasant Grove 8-6. I'm proud of my boys. Well.... what else. Oh i finally bought a 9mm about 2 weeks ago. It's been fun going out shooting with it. Over all things are going very well in my life. Hopefully I'll be better at writing here.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thursday Night Tradition

Me and Hadley went down to Yuba last night and caught quite a few fish. Got a couple bags of perch fillets in my freezer now. Nothin better than going on a fishing trip on a thursday night. We have ended up going fishing every thursday for a month now so its kinda turning into a tradition.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Classic summer nights!!!

There is nothing better on a summer night then kickin it with some friends. Throw in a pool and a hot tub and it gets even better. Man I love life right now...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crazy Times

Well it has been along time since I have written anything on this.... Oh well. So ya life has been very crazy. Football is in full swing right now. Getting ready for the snow college 7 on 7 passing camp. Went camping Memorial day weekend with John, Mal, Scott, and Heather. Even Nate and Lenae came up one night. It was alot of fun. Oh and the best thing that has happened lately is I'm sick of being a fat a@# and now I'm spending about 2 hours at the gym a day trying to change that, and so far it is going well:) We quess thats about it for now.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Its been a crazy one.

It's amazing to me how life can come at you so fast. Things become so crazy, and then the next thing you know life coudn't be any better! So here is a run down of all the fun stuff that is making my life so great.

I just got finished doing training with the National Abilities Center with their horse program, so now I can help out with the actual lessons. It's been alot of fun.

I also just found out that I get to go to the Utah Recreational Therapy Association Conference on my works dime :)

I'm in the planning stages of making a whitewater trip down Desolation Canyon with a bunch of buddies.

I'm in the process of buying my own cataraft for fishing and running rapids. It will cost a pretty penny, but will be so worth it.

With each passing day I get closer to the next football season.

And finally, I'm now an uncle to quite possibly the cutest kid on the face of the planet!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lovin Life

K so here is the update on what I have been up to. Got back from being in Las Vegas last week at the Nike coach of the year clinic. Can I just say that Bob Stoops is amazing, and Pat Hill is probably one of the best teachers I have ever seen in my life. Most of you that read this won't even know who the heck those people are. Oh well. Still doing alot of fishing. Got to keep hitting the hardwater (ice fishing) until it thaws out. Been catching quite a few to. Its been nice. Dating a little here and there. Mostly just chilling and hangin with the guys.