Monday, December 1, 2008

Fishing fishing and football...

Well what have I been up to since football has been over...? Well I found a way to make football a part of my life again, playing in a full contact flag football league in Spanish Fork. It has been a fun time. Today I scored 2 touchdowns a couple extra points and even got a safety. Its always fun cause every one always thinks that the fat guy can't do anything and then I score a couple touchdowns before they know what hit them. Ha ha ha Well other than football I have been doing a lot of fishing. Went down to Otter Creek a couple weeks ago and caught alot of fish. Then last week we went to Strawberry. Actually I have been to Strawberry a couple times in the last month, and if I get off my but I'll upload some pictures soon. Ya got to love life right now. I really can't complain. What can I say I'm livin the high life :)

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