Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crazy Times

Well it has been along time since I have written anything on this.... Oh well. So ya life has been very crazy. Football is in full swing right now. Getting ready for the snow college 7 on 7 passing camp. Went camping Memorial day weekend with John, Mal, Scott, and Heather. Even Nate and Lenae came up one night. It was alot of fun. Oh and the best thing that has happened lately is I'm sick of being a fat a@# and now I'm spending about 2 hours at the gym a day trying to change that, and so far it is going well:) We quess thats about it for now.


Rowley's said...

It has been forever since you updated this thing! Nate told me you guys did this frisbee thing today that was really fun. He said I would enjoy it, well see about that. Good luck on your weight loss endeavor!

Alison said...

Hello Brandon!!! Email me and I'll send you an invite to our blog. Your mom should have my email, if not, ask Kelly! You look like you are having a lot of fun! Hopefully we'll see you in July!

Alison Bosen

Mathie Fam said...

you finally updated--yes I do check! Glad you're doing good! Hey I will be down on the 11th-25th. I was thinking BBQ with everyone that wants to on the 18th at rotary park. I'd love to see ya! Plan on it!